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Tanjore Painting – Sri Mylara Lingeshwara

Lord Shiva – God of Destruction, Para Brahman, the Supreme Being, Ultimate Reality, Moksha, Karma, Time, Arts, Dance, Yoga and Meditation, The Destroyer of Evil, Supreme Being in Shaivism

Goddess Parvathi – Mother Goddess, Goddess of Power, Nourishment, Devotion, Motherhood, Fertility, and Harmony, Para Brahman, the Supreme Being

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Sri Mylara Lingeshwara Tanjore Painting – Buy Our Traditional Tanjore Painting of Lord Sri Mylara Lingeshwara With His Family Made by Our In-House Experienced Artisans, Who Carry Years of Experience Into the Field.

Our Paintings Are Made of Pure Gold Leaf With Semi-precious Stones Attached and Framed in a Teakwood Frame With Rosewood Color Polish.

Tanjore Painting of Lord Sri Mylara Lingeshwara, Temple of Lingeshwara Mylara Is Devoted to the God Mailari. In History, Mallasura, a Demon, and His Brother Accomplished Penance and Earned the Favour of Brahma That No One in Human People May Hurt Them. They Became Stronger With the Blessing and Began to Hurt the Sages and Regular People. Lord Shiva Was Prayed to by the Sages.

The Sage’s Prayers Were Fulfilled, and Lord Shiva Took the Appearance of Mailara, and Goravas, Armed With Seven Crores, Waged War Against Mallasura and Manikasura, His Brother.

The Conflict Lasted Ten Days. Lord Shiva Dispatched Them With the Bow. Lord Veerabhadra, Lord Shiva’s Assist in the Battle With His Long Hair, Hit the Soil During the Conflict, and Kancheevaras Erupted From the Dirt.

Kancheevaras Challenged Mallasura and Handed Them Over to Mailara. Mailara Defeated the Monsters While Saving the Sages. After Murdering Them, Mailra Used the Demons’ Intestines as a Headdress, Their Teeth as a Necklace, Skulls as a Supper Bowl, Mouth as Hand Drums, and Skin as a Long Cloak. Their Fat Was Utilised as Oil, and Their Nerves as Lamp Wick.

Attention Buyers!!  Kindly Note: –
*We Do Custom Make as per Client Requirements (Color, Style, Size).
*We Only Use High-Quality Termite-Free and Waterproof Plywood and Unbreakable Glass.
*Our Priority Is to Make Sure the Consignment of the Product Reaches Your Doorstep Intact Condition.
*Tanjore Paintings Product Color May Slightly Vary Due to Photographic Lighting Sources or Your Monitor Settings.
*Our Products Are Handmade by Skilled Artisans. Variation Is Expected Due to the Handmade Nature of These Items, Sizes. Each Item Is Beautifully Unique, With Variations Showing the Hand of the Maker.

Kindly Leave Us a Message if You Need Any Kind of Help With the Product, Its Restoration, Customization or Maintenance.

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Teakwood Frame

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