Tanjore Painting of Goddess The Goddess Mari Which Is Called as Mariamman, Is Also a Maariamma, Sense “Mother”. She Is the Chief South Indian Mother Deity, Chief, Biggest in the Countryside Areas of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Through Her Basis Which Is Thought to Be Proto-Dravidian or Non-vedic, Goddess Mari Is Very Much Related With Goddess Parvati and Goddess Durga.mariyamman Is an Avatar of Shakthi, and Is Closely Related to Mother Kaali/Durga. Like Kaali, She Is Generally the Guardian Goddess of a Community. Like Kaali, Her Shrines Have Always Been Approachable to All People Regardless of Caste. So She Is Called “Mantaiamman”: “Lady of Common Ground”.Her Priests Ususally Come From the “Lower”, Tribal and Laboring Classes. Also, She Is Quite Favorably Disposed Towards Gay and Transgendered People. Furthermore, Women Play a Strikingly More Active and Central Part in Her Rituals Than They Do in Other Hindu Ceremonial Circumstances.as Shakthi, She Is the Cosmic Serpent With 5 Faces, and in the Local Traditions, She Is Said to Have Created Even the Highest Gods, the Thrimurthy. As Such, She Is Called “Peddamma”: “Great Mother”.